Schmitt Stahlbau GmbH in Gelsenkirchen

Quality & Certificates

Suppliers who offer components for power stations, pipelines or chemical plants, must be able to comply with the highest safety standards. That is what Schmitt Stahlbau do. The quality demands of our customers are high. Therefore, quality assurance is a significant factor in the design and production chain, because mistakes can be costly and above all cause hazards. To avoid mistakes, or at least to eliminate them immediately, is one of our company principles. Very well qualified, experienced and professionally trained employees ensure we meet the highest defined quality requirements.

Our quality checks include comprehensive material testing (NDT). Immediate X-ray testing of welds allows every step to be seamlessly tested with the help of “Welding protocols”.

Certificates, approvals, internal factory test procedures and our quality management show that quality is taken very seriously in our business. Schmitt Stahlbau achieves “Made in Germany” quality and is a company certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our goal for today and in the future: to deliver the orders from our customers 100% safely, 100% free of defects and 100% reliably and on time. Only customer satisfaction guarantees our success in the long term.

›› EN 1090-2 Exc3
›› Approval in accordance with AD/HP 0 and the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
›› Approval in accordance with 3834-2
›› ISO 9001 QA system
›› ASME Approval U-Stamp and S-Stamp/ B31.1